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Do Skunks Make Good Pets?

Skunks are wild Hartford animals and dangerous for that matter. They have a very smelly odor that they use to spray their victims with as a defense mechanism. They are commonly referred to as stinkers and they can turn your life into hell with that odor. They also carry rabies which is a fatal disease. So, do Connecticut skunks make good pets after all? If asked most people will say no.

The following are the reasons why Hartford skunks make or do not make a good pet.
• They require specialized care: Skunks are usually destructive and also illegal in most states countries and hence requires a lot of care and attention. They use a special defense mechanism by spraying their victims with a stinking odor to defend themselves and they are widely known to be escape artists. If kept as pets they will require a special diet as well as training and special health care.

• They are good educational Hartford animals: most educators use the wildlife rehabilitators to occasionally get the domestic and wild unreleasable Connecticut skunks which are mostly descented.

• Most owners have the tendency of neglecting skunks which leads to high chances of having its life ended by euthanasia. It is not because it is a bad animal but due to lack of knowledge in the skunk handling. This results to suffering to the Hartford animal. For this reason, skunks do not make good pets.

• Domestic raised Hartford skunks make good pets. They are more loving and devoted to their caretakers and more healthy. They are beautiful and come with different colors and patterns. They are blend with reverse colors and they usually don’t throw back to regular black and white coloring since they are well blend. They are also descented and vaccinated therefore making them good pets.

• Wild Hartford skunks cannot make good pets. They fear strangers and require enough space in order to interest them. They cannot accept human punishment neither can they tolerate the barking from a dog and other noises from the home surroundings. They will require a lot of commitment and do not respond to their caretaker unless they want to.

Following the above findings, it is clear that the Hartford skunk is not a pet for everyone. Only those who can withstand it and have its time, money patience as well as have its undying love will be able to keep it as a pet.

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