Tips on Keeping Wild Animals Out of Your Garbage Cans

Wild Hartford animals normally scavenge for food anywhere they can. Your garbage is a tasty treat for a number of creatures in the wild. Rats, raccoons, opossums, are notorious trash mongers. In the country you may even find deer, wild pigs, and carrion birds such as crows or buzzards ransacking your garbage. No one enjoys cleaning up the mess made from trash and garbage strewn all over your Connecticut yard.

The garbage on the ground is smelly and attracts bugs, and often more Hartford animals. There are a number of tips to keep critters out of your cans. Try a scent that offends the animal’s nose and masks the smell of food. Ammonia, vinegar, hot pepper, or bleach sprinkled on the trash and around the base of the can are all methods that many people claim work. You can also try sensory deterrents such as stringing bells or tin cans on the lid hoping the noise will startle them away. Some folks keep their cans near a fenced area with a dog and let him run off the intruders. There are motion sensor devices available on the market that make noise and turn on lights when the Connecticut animal tries to get in your cans.

A sure fire method that might save you time and trouble is Hartford animal proofing your trash can. Purchase metal cans or a durable plastic that can’t be chewed through. Find one that has a locking lid, or tie down the lid yourself with bungee cord across the top and through the handles. Secure your can to a fence or a stake pounded in the ground to keep Connecticut animals from tipping it over. The harder it is to access your trash, the less desirable it becomes. If all else fails, find an area in your garage, shed or basement to store the can away from hungry wildlife.

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